Sunday, March 23, 2008

I know I have been a bit of a hermit, but it is hard to return phone calls and email when you are sleeping all the time. But I did want you all to know that I do listen to my voicemail, read the emails, and actually do pick up the phone when I am awake!!!

So far from what I can determine, the surgery has been successful.
The goal was to relief symptoms below the neck......and although I can't report on spine pain (because the incision it quite painful itself), but I am hoping to throw out the infamous "butt peas" I have in the freezer that were used to try to calm the constant pain I have had in my tail bone for the last several years.
I can say that I have seen many dramatic changes, including not having to race to the restroom every 5 seconds, and the fact that I have normal feeling in my feet again.
It's pretty weird, since pain an numbness had become the "norm". I keep wiggling my feet and toes, shocked by the normal sensations of stretching my toes and such. It's so cool. Don't be shocked if you catch me playing with my feet at times, I am like a child that has just discovered she's got toes.
As for my body, it is tired and healing. I am just lying around letting God do His work from the inside out. A little tired of the sleep this all requires, but of course it is only temporary. Due to the heavy medications, I have in turn been provided some very vivid dreams to entertain me during this sleep-feast. Perhaps one or two will turn into a novel. =)
I can't say when I will have more periods of consciousness, but this is what I do know: I get the stitches out at the end of the week, and then start physical therapy in April. Right now I am not allowed to lift more than 3 pounds of strain at all.....and my back makes sure that I follow these orders precisely!!!
Which does break my heart when the little tiger I usually watch visits, and I have to have his mom pick him up so I can give and recieve hugs and kisses. He, btw, quickly made acquaintances with my walker, and began imitating me. He actually did a better job using it than me! lol
Anyhow, the zzz's are calling again. Thanks for your continued prays, and support.


lace1070 said...

Queli ~ glad to hear your surgery was a success! I had those bizarre dreams, too ~ I am pretty sure it's due to the combo of muscle relaxants and pain killers. Take it easy ~ that first shower after your stitches come out is heavenly! Hugs ~ Lace

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you are doing well! YESSSSS! I had VERY weird dreams after sugery. I thought it was post-traumatic stress, but the pain meds DO make sense! LOL

Happy Showering to you (when it is time) and take care!