Friday, March 28, 2008

Stitch by stitch

My alarm clock was set for eight, but my back had enough by 6am. After it's continuous nagging, I finally dragged myself out of bed at 7, wishing I was still taking those pain meds.
I stopped taking them this week, only to be reminded once again that narcotics don't rid you of pain, they just make you sleep through a bulk of it. And unfortunately, I couldn't stand a minute more of being unable to remain conscious for more than 10 minutes at a time.
So here I sit, unmedicated.
Actually the pain isn't that bad. They cut all the way to my spine a little over a week ago, and the resulting pain does not match a chiari or fibro flare. Isn't that interesting?!
I'm actually big on not taking pills, which has made this trip in life so much more interesting than if I had not been a drug counselor and seen one too many clients who once had a surgery, or injury and 10 years later were still trying to get off the prescribed meds.
I know I drive my docs crazy.
However, with a history of anorexia, I am not taking my chances on becoming a pill addict. And I am a believer in the addiction theories associated with eating disorders. Therefore I won't buy into the idea that some doctors have that it is safe to take these addictive pills if you really need them.
No one saw the harm in those first 10 or 20 pounds dropping either.

Anyhow, most Chiarians come in on heavy doses of pain meds, so only the best post-surgical meds are given for our surgeries, because many people with my condition have a high tolerance for meds. Unfortuantely, and fortunately I do not. So they knocked me on my butt.

Now that I am "waking up", I am realizing the MSWalk is just around the corner. I need to decide if I am still walking, and if so, I really need to figure out which doc I should get consent from. Hmmmm.
I have already heard from some, that I should throw in the towel for this year since I did just have surgery. However, last year I walked with Chiari, fibro, and undiagnosed tethered cord, and a horrible decompression that hadn't been fixed yet or cleaned from remnants of meningitis........
So I am thinking a little slice on the back isn't exactly an excluding factor from walking.
But we'll see. I get the stitches out today, so I will ask the primary care doc what she thinks. I am guessing she will refer the question to the surgeons, but who knows until you ask.
Anywho.... if anyone would like to make a donation for MS, my site is a click awayClick here to donate.
If you would rather donate through someone who is definately walking, I will post one of my friend's sites at a later date (once I know what it is myself)

And if you would like to walk there is still time to register for the April 6th walk in Frederick.....or in the area closest to you. Click here to register!

Take care of you,


lace1070 said...

Queli ~ you soooo should sit in a chair on the sidelines and let someone walk in your place! You don't want to end up in the ER. And this is coming from one of the most driven, stubborn TC surgery recoveree! Seriously ~ it's too soon. I would walk for you. I am already up to hour long walks and feel great. Hang in there ~ it gets better each day. Lace

invisibleglue said...

could you be pushed in a wheelchair? make a statement without sacrificing your own health?