Thursday, May 3, 2007

Back to the medical world

I have had 5 surgeries since June of 2002, and still have only a basic understanding of Chiari.
Because until now, most of the medical community I have met, don't know what it is.
Isn't that comforting.
Most doctors run for their medical books when I ask if they are familiar with Arnold Chiari Malformation.
While neurosurgeons can't answer simple questions about Chiari, they are willing to carve into my brain.

I ran away from Chiari a while back.
Unfortunately, I found out you can't run from Chiari----
However, you can hide from the doctors for a while.

I couldn't take the doctor's neurologists, and neurosurgeons (ns) any longer. Med after med, surgery after one could mend Q.
You can fool me once, twice...apparently even five times......
But six, nah.
I have wised up by then.

This time is different though. In New York, there is a place where they do not have to look up the name in there college books. They already know what it is. Heck, the place is even named after it: The Chiari Institute.

If you have a chance, check out their website at

I can't even begin to explain how psyched I am to be going. I pray they are God's answers to many long awaited prayers.