Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mary Kay Fundraiser Information

Hello friends of Queli-
My name is Kimberlyn Cahill and in addition to being a friend of Queli, I am a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. After hearing about Queli's upcoming trip to NY, I have offered her an opportunity for some fund raising through my business. Basically how it works is any appointment scheduled and sales generated through her distribution will benefit her NY Trip fund. Although I need to cover my costs, all the profits will go directly to Queli. Why am I offering to give Queli my profit- or what benefit do I get , you ask? Well first, the opportunity to support a sister is heavy on my heart. Secondly, if you should be in the need of a personal Mary Kay consultant, I would love to serve you now... and forever! I am in the market to expand my business and would love a chance to meet new people!

If you know you would like to purchase or try some of our fabulous products and support Queli, you can visit and even order products through my personal web site at Or you can call me directly at 301-360-0686 or email me at Please include a note that you are with the Queli Campaign so I am sure to pass on the profits to help fund her trip.

If you are interested in hosting a get together and raise additional funds for Queli, email or call me and we will coordinate a time to get together with you and some friends.

thanks so much and I look forward to serving and supporting you.

Kimberlyn Cahill
Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics
Inspiring women to leadership and personal empowerment!