Saturday, July 14, 2007

Update on Surgery

The surgery has been rescheduled for sometime in September. (more info available when I hear back from TCI)

There is a test which requires knocking me out for a few minutes, then running some tests.

I looked for a website to direct you to that explains the test....

But the ones I found are from patients, and quite graphic. Baiscally, without the gross details....a traction will be attached to my scull which will basically turn my into a giraff momentarily while they test to see if this corrects some issues.

In easiest terms this will mean I need to come to NY two days prior to surgery.

So for now, I am just getting things together for the fall, and going on with life as usual.


Linda said...

So glad things are moving for you. I pray it gives you relief from the symptoms you are having.