Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Every Silver Lining has a Dark Cloud

One of my closest friends came up with this saying on accident......but I loved it just the way she stated it.
Every Silver lining has a Dark cloud.

Because honestly this statement is much easier to see than the actual saying.
Every dark cloud has a silver lining.
I mean when we are in darkness, do we actually see that sliver of hope.....or perhaps do we only see it once we take a step away to catch it from another angle.

The way my friend stated it puts the perspective on the silver lining.
Something that would not be needed if there wasn't a dark cloud.
A substance that perhaps would not have any meaning without the trail associated with it.
It's the job after spending months on Unemployment.
The glorious sunset following a storm.
Vacationing at the beach, taking a week off from your constant struggle to maintain work, family, and getting to the gym five times a week.

My vacation in Phoenix was exactly this: my silver lining.
I was able to rest, and gain strength in the eye of the storm......knowing full well I couldn't stop what lies ahead, but gaining peace that only God can provide.

On day one God separated day from night. He could have made it so we had light all the time.......but would we have noticed that? Most likely not (only can speak for Q though)
So he cut up the hours of darkness, by providing a star with the ability to comfort us with warmth and light. Making there an end to darkness.........but not a promise that it won't come again.........cuz we all know in 12 or more hours, night will fall again...........only to be replaced again slowly starting with a warm glow on the horizon, blooming into its full awesome brilliance.

That is what is such a blessing about this thing we call life. It comes with uncertainties, confusion, and sadness.
However, even though most things change rapidly, we always can have faith in the fact that the sun isn't far behind.
So yeah, Queli has some surgeries to deal with.....but, hell it just means I am going to be overwhelmed with silver linings.


lace1070 said...

I love your perspective for I too have the same vision ~ how can we appreciate the light if we don't have the dark. Love Nicole Nordeman's Sunrise song to illustrate the beauty of the light and the dark exhisting together ~

Hugs to you ~ Lace