Monday, February 11, 2008

Fibro Flare

Ok so it has been over 2 weeks into this fibro flare up and I have been having headaches also. There is a small portion in my turnk area, thank God, that is not in pain (mostly trunk except spine).
I've had it.
I need a good night's rest but it does not look like it is coming any time soon.
Well perhaps I am wrong there.
There is a light at the end of this tunnel.
I have my first appointment with a pain management specialist on Wed. And we all know what that means: Most likely I will not feel pain for an unknown period of time, starting about an hour prior to my appointment.
Doesn't it always happen like that? It's like taking that clickity car into the mechanics, where it doesn't make a sound.
I really want to try TENS, and see if it lowers my pain levels.
My fear is that I will get to the office and not be in pain, so we won't be able to try it.....and then the pain will start up an hour after I get home.
I joke about this, but there has to be a time of relief coming.....and honestly, I will take the miraculous rebound for a few hours surrounding the appointment if that is how Chiari and Fibro wanna play it.
I just need a break.
I have decided from now on I take off on Tuesdays.
No pain causing condition is allowed on Tuesdays.
No headaches, neck pain, or pockets filled with fluid popping to the surface of my head on Tuesdays.
No brain swallowing the skull, on Tuesdays.
No vomitting, nausea. vertigo, blurred vision or dizziness on Tuesdays.
No knock out meds that make you feel hung over without the benefit of drinking first, but still don't touch that pain, on Tuesdays.

No. I am not crazy. According to modern psychology, when you live with dysfunctional elements, you need to keep yourself from submerging into that dysfunction.
I am just laying out healthy boundaries for these houseguests that don't seem to want to leave.

Ok, so I'm nuts.
But it would be nice...

Peace to you all,


lace1070 said...

Queli ~ that sounds like a perfect plan! But I totally agree with you ~ that always happens to me ~ schedule an appointment for a problem or ailment and when it comes time for the appointment you feel fine. Oi! hugs to u ~ Lace