Saturday, March 15, 2008

Surgery Again

A three day trip...ahhhh not as quick as we thought!
Wish I packed more than three pairs of underwear :(

Okay, so here's the scoop.
Came up to NYC for some tests and found that once again there is a downward pull trying to suck my brain down that long straw that runs to my butt.
Sorry if I am using too much medical terminology, but it's complicated:)

Anyhow, during the Frankenstein test with the bolts screwed in my head, the doctors started discussing the fusion, and other options. By the time the screws were removed, I was set for surgery on Monday. However, the odd twist of events is that I will not be fused on Monday (thank God). Instead, they feel that an occult tethered cord is the culprit. So come 12:30 Monday, I will officially be de-tethered. They say it will help with bladder, lower back strain, and feeling in my feet. And hopefully, it may eliminate the need for a cervical fusion as well.

It is Not A Brain Surgery!
All in the spine and a useless part at that. They call it the easy surgery, because it is simple for them. Basically it sounds like the surgeon with the scissors would have to have a grand mal seizure during the operation to mess me up. (Just teasing, but it truly is a surgery they are very familiar with here at TCI)
They snip a non-functional (we hope, lol) strand that they have a big long name for....but who knows what it is. Please note a bucket handle was screwed to my skull, attached to a pulley with 25 pounds of weight pulling my head up, as this was discussed.
Sounds painful, but it wasn't. The only painful part during the procedure was when they took me off the traction and all the weight of the contraption laid on my head as they detached me screw by screw.

Sore afterwards though. I think that those ten minutes or so I was knocked out in the beginning to place the traction, all the surgeons took turns smacking me around a bit. My jaw won't open all the way yet. They say this is because those muscle are attached to where the screws went in. But I still think it was a doctor's right hook :P

Ok, so not worried about the surgery. Heck at this point nothing sounds serious after you have had brain surgery. If the bartender knows his stuff you get a pinch from the IV, and open your eyes as doctors discuss important details of how everything went, while you are still trying to figure out why wires are attached to all parts of your body.
I get a long nap Monday afternoon, and that's about the extent of it on my end. However, I do hear it is quite painful. A few people at the Variety House say that it was the hardest recovery surgery they had.
So pray I don't have a lot of pain.

Also pray for my docs tomorrow. Not just for my surgery, but for whatever is going on in their own personal lives. Surgeons get a lot of prayer for their hands, and minds....but how much prayer actually goes for their hearts if they aren't already "plugged in"

I will be up in NYC for another week. They say about 3-5 days in the hospital and then 48 hours more before travel. But it all depends on how I am doing.
Pray for a short stay cuz that means I am doing well :)

Also more prayer......I know I am asking a lot.........but still...
Grandma has a small in-office eye surgery Wed morning, and I am a little worried about her and Robin at the end of this week without me and mom around. Just keep them both in your prayers this week.

Thanks guys!


lace1070 said...

Queli ~ hey girl ~ so I guess this time tomorrow I can officially welcome you to the detethered family! I wish I was well enough to drive down and see you!!! I know you will do fine. Remember that the more you get up and walk the better you will feel. Just remember to make sure you put a hospital gown on to cover your butt crack so you don't flash people in the hallways! Can't wait to hear how everything goes. Hugs ~ Lace

lzwitty said...

Lacie's right, the sooner (and more) you walk after surgery, the better. It really does help. You'll be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Queli,

I hope your Tethered Cord Release went well and you are feeling better than ever! I know...the getting out of bed is no walk in the park!

I must say you are quite the character! Heehee! You have to learn to make jokes about these things though! Or else you will never get through it! I like to refer to the ICT as my frankenstein get-up too!

I will be praying for a speedy recovery. And NOOOO! Don't stay sitting for more than 20 mins at a time was what I was told. You will feel like you are going to split in half at the waiste...literally! LOL

I have a website aswell if you would like to take a look! I am booked to have my Decompression and possible fusion April 28th.