Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Simon was at it again tonight, tearing into contestants performances with brutal honesty and no regard to feelings. Honestly, I like Simon, he isn't wishy-washy or stuck on key slogans in his commmunication; he just says what he thinks.

But tonight something he said made my pmsing self tear up...for him, the woman he was critiquing, and for all of us.

I know the direct quote is out there somewhere, but the jist was something in the lines of

"You are quite forgetable"

Wow! What a statement!

And it hit me between the eyes. I had to ask myself, am I forgetable? Have I done anything that has made a mark, or even really made a difference in another person's life? If I were taken home tomorrow, will I have done anything that comes to someone's mind ten years down the road?

All in all, it doesn't matter, nor is it true.

Doesn't matter, cuz when we are gone, we are gone. There is no reason for a legacy to be left behind of our presence. When I am in heaven, I doubt I am going to concern myself with whether people remembered me or not.

So why does it matter? No, I mean really, why does it matter?

Why is it that the thought of being forgetable brought tears to my eyes, or made me feel sad for the man who spoke those words.

I think it is because being remembered makes us "count" in some way.

However, we counted before our parents knew of our conception to the only one who really matters. The Alpha and Omega who was there before it mattered whether we matter, and will be there after.

The Lord who knows us intimately in fine detail, down to the number of hairs on our head; yet loves us nonetheless.

The one who knows not only the good things that others might praise, but also loves us through the moments we pray no one ever finds out about.

We matter, we are not forgetable.

This brings me to this odd turn of events. Think about being forgotten.

Really think about it.

Now think of someone in your life that might already feel forgotten.

The neighbor in a nursing home, the lady you walk past every thursday on the way to work picking up cans to make it one more day with the spare change from recylcling, the child benched at every little league game......

Or one of your close friends who is struggling to make the bills each month, but finds time to send you a card for every holiday, the check-out guy who always makes sure your can foods are double bagged....

You get the point.

Think of someone who has no clue of their signicance, and write their name down on a piece of paper. Think of one sentence or two that lets them know you notice them or their efforts, and pass it along.

There is no pay it forward here. The person you give the note to doesn't have to do anything in return but accept your comment. This is not a chain-letter and doesn't need to go very far to make a difference.....just one letter.

Do this because not everyone knows that there is a Lord who knows them by name. And many of us go through life never knowing the small differences we made.

Its about letting those around us know in a very small way that they are important.

Perhaps your note even, might be what makes you unforgetable in someone else's eyes.



btw- you can't send me a note because that would be cheating.......think and pray about who in your life could use a reminder.