Monday, August 4, 2008

Flare Up with Trials

The last month has been one mess after another, one broken gadget after another, and one illness after another around here.
No time to stop and take a breath.
And right now I don't have time for the flare up that has come along.
My aching muscles scream when I try to comb my hair or brush my teeth let alone all the things left to get in order around here.
The earthly vessle has informed me it is time to rest, yet there is no to listen.
I wonder if the flare has any links to increased stress? Perhaps the stress alone, or all the activity I have been doing to try to keep up with the crumbling pieces of things and people falling apart around me.
However, God as my refuge, I have remained relatively calm during this storm. Numbness, a friend suggested, which may be true. However, whatever it is I know it is God given to get me through. There is nothing that can take that from me......not even Chiari.

Anyone out there ever notice increase in flare ups during stressful or trying times? Any studies on that yet? Or is that just one more aspect of Chiari still left to be explored?


Anonymous said...

Hello there my love! I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy. And I'm no expert in chiari, actually I know nothing about it, except what you've told me. But I believe myself to be a wise old and stress can cause all kinds of problems with your body along with the mind and soul. So my advise to you is try to relax, take some more quiet time for yourself, and remember things have a way of working themselves out in the end. It might not be what we expected, but sometimes that turns into a nice suprise. Know that I love you and am thinking of you.

Your Cuz,


ps tell me more about this

Sheila said...

I just realized thru many Months of wondering and searching that my falre ups are to do with the barometer and this is a fact.. I grew up in the midwest and before I was diagnoised always had bad migranes during the storm season the rain, lightening and such. This fact hit me in the face when recently I had my old sympotms arise after decompression surgery in 2001 here in Virginia Beach, VA and realized I never had this problem in sunny California, and realized it never rained in California just like the song states, you get it, than we hadese hurricanes brewing I had this pain that knocked me to my knees and lasted a week.My 1st thought was oh no here we go again and, I researched the web especialy on my last procedure anterior cervical repair and realized the titanium plate in my neck can actualy cause symptoms. So there you have it!!!! I hope this has enlighted you as it has me.
your chiari sister,