Sunday, July 13, 2008

Can you believe it?!!!

Q had nothin to say for over a month.
Now that's a new one.
Honestly I have had a lot going on. Went through physical therapy, and also had some big flares with muscle spasms. Not a big deal, but didn't feel like sharing.
It's bad when the pain is so great that you can't brush your teeth. Yeah, I'm sure my physical therapist loved that day.
I have been spending time re-focusing on Christ. I needed to change the way I spent time with Him, and redirect my quiet times which has helped me regain focus through all of this. One of the ways I decided to approach this is to stop avoiding Paul. See Paul's comments in Corr and Timothy have gotten under my skin at times. Not because of his words, but how churches have used them to stunt growth in possible female leaders in the church. There was a lot going on back then, and I have since read the history to go along with these times, making it easier to understand Paul....but I still avoided the chapters.
So now I am reading the dreaded chapters with open eyes and an open heart. And there is a lot for me to learn there. Not just in the words, but in the process I went through to see them.
Sometimes we have to set aside preconceived notions to get to the heart of the matter.
And for me, sometimes I need to let go of my stubbornness and just listen.

Anyhow, I have a new/old buddy I'm not sure if I shared with you'uns.
This guy popped back into my life a few months ago with a single text message. We only met once five years ago, at a bar where I was supposed to be supporting the lead singer in the band I had come to see. Instead I spent hours talking to this guy. We had really hit it off with one minor detail left walker tucked discretely under the bar. He didn't have the slightest clue about anything until I got up and scurried away.
Poor guy didn't have a clue. He thought my absent mindedness had to do with the drink I was sippin....which most likely was completely non-alcoholic since I had brain surgery only six months prior, and still was having major issues
Anyhow, so he's an interesting guy, and no we aren't dating. He is sweet and funny, but actually more like a guy I would date in my past life......pre-recovery, pre-Chiari (I'm a cat of nine + lives).
But I am enjoying our relationship.......definitely enough to post something here. It's like looking at photos from the past discovering more through older eyes.
Anyhow, moving on. This is the second day out of flare up and man and I enjoying low levels of pain. I think some minor pain is normal for someone in their 30s just by the simple process of figuring out the the 20s body flew out the window.
My spirits have been high today, and I feel a positive change coming my way. it might be just the end of a long bout fighting to keep my head above water.....but I doubt it. I think God has something in the mix. There is absolutely a shift in the wind of this season of life that has me excited.
What's He stirring in you?



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you have so many sites its very confusing . One needs to be update .

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Queli said...

Sorry you were confused.
Which site needs to be updated?