Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hi everyone!

Finances: I have new calculations. It looks like medicare will take on more of the cost than originally planned. The new cost for the trip looks like $1483.
Now I have been told that I should expect another $540 added to that, from someone who has been to the institute and also has medicare.
Still, even with that added on, the upfront cost is only $2023, rather than 2,500.

Money Raised: I have raised about half of what is needed for the consult at TCI!!!!
I thank everyone who has donated or bought products so far, for helping in this pursuit. I am beside myself that so many people are willing to give of themselves to help another. This is such an example of God's grace through his people, and I pray you all feel even half of stirring that does for my heart and soul.

Surgery: I do not know if I will need surgery. This is something that will not be known until the last day that I am scheduled to be at The Chiari Institute (TCI). However, I am putting this all in God's hands, and I feel secure that he will find a way to finance that, and give me the guts to go through it again.

Updated products: I have added several t-shirts for friends that I know with other illnesses (it's not all about Chiari). There are MS shirts, and Eating Disorder Awareness shirts also available. Also look for Breast Cancer designs coming up for both advocates of research and survivors themselves.

Prayer: You would think that I had mastered having brain surgery, but it is not something you get used to no matter how many times you get it. So please pray that if this is the answer, that God will give me courage, and a little grace and humor to get through it.

Thanks everyone!

Take care of you and God bless!