Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June Update

We have raised $1135 towards the $1483 goal!!!!!!!!

The trip is getting closer: each day seeming to fly by faster as New York’s horizon becomes more clearly visible.

My nerves take me from a state of terror to complete calmness in any given moment.

Luckily, the fear only pokes up it’s ugly head for seconds. Like the flash on a camera, it is bright, bold and obvious, but gone in an instant.

For the most part, all I feel is peace.

Part of that peace is having a little piece of Arizona with me.

Jen has bought her tickets, and will be flying out a few days before we all head to the city. I am so excited to see her, and I know that her presence will be a blessing.

Already, I am able to think of this as getting to see Jen, rather than having to go through more tests. Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted that there is a place that knows so much about Chiari…….

but I have had 5 surgeries so far…..and I do know that fixes don’t come cheaply.

We pay for them with time, pain, work, and tears.

This is true of most great growth moments in life.

The fundraising is going well.

Realizing God is going to make the trip possible, I have reserved the hotel room, and bought my plane tickets.

The hotel is located only a few miles from the hospital, and only a block or two from the train. From what I understand, it is cheaper to take taxis and public transportation, than it is to drive in New York. The hotel alone, I know, was going to charge somewhere around $20 a day for parking. Ahhhh, the Big Apple, taking a bite out of the touristy worms!!!

I do want to commend the hotel though. It gives Chiari Institute patients a huge discount. Without it, I doubt there would be an affordable place to stay anywhere near the hospital.

I want to thank all of those who have contributed through buying t-shirts, pins, and giving donations.

I am awed by how God has used you all to make this trip possible.

I will try to keep you all updated as the trip approaches, and possibly even while I am in NY.


lace1070 said...

I am excited for you that you are going to TCI very soon ~ you will be in good hands there. Dr. B has a good sense of humor and very knowledgeable! I watched "Facing The Giants" this past weekend ~ http://facingthegiants.com/home.php
I needed an inspiring movie ~ it fit the bill. Reminds me of what you are doing ~ preparing the fields ~ going ahead with your plans and trusting God ~ Keeping you in my prayers ~ Lace