Friday, August 31, 2007

Prep time

Today I have been cleaning and organizing, trying to get ready to leave for New York on Wed.
Here is the schedule of events:

wed; arrive in NY
thurs: pre-surgery testing
fri: Invasive Cervical Tractions (3pm)
mon: surgery (7:30am)

I will keep you updated until surgery. After that, Jen will contact those who wish to keep informed by phone or email.
I will most likely be in the hospital around 5 days from what I understand. Then I stick around NY to see the docs before I leave.

Right now I am trying to get my apartment into post-surgical shape. I am trying to arrange things so it will make my life easier during recovery. Like moving the tv so I won't have to turn my head to watch, and junk like that. Luckily I have had this surgery before, so I know some limitations I might have post-op.

Otherwise, I am feeling comfortable with surgery approaching. Isn't that strange? I keep waiting to completely flip out, but as for now God has calmed my nerves.
I really trust this doctor and the TCI team. Keep them in your prayers over the next week. They deserve any blessings God sends their way for offering hope to what seemed a hopeless situation.

Anyone who has had surgery recently that has any tips, feel free to give them. Also, note that I finally got a homepage. You can find a link to it on my profile page. There is a Chiari forum, and chat. Feel free to post there, and add topics as you so desire. Ofcourse stay appropriate, cuz I know how to delete :)

Take care of you,


Sven said...


I found your blog by accident. I'll be interested to read about your traction experience. My wife and went to TCI in 9/05 where she had decompression surgery. You can read about it here. Just follow the links to FrankenKristin's tale. I quit writing about it because we are engaged in a legal battle with the insurance company and I didn't want to give them any fodder. Once that is settled I plan to finish the tale.

We will be returning to TCI in October to acess the possibility of cranio-cervical instability which will include Invasive Cervical Traction.

I hope all goes well. The folks at TCI are truly the best.