Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Lol........You must read my Velveteen Rabbit post first if you haven't.
Life is crazy, it really is.
Just when I thought I was totally cool with everything, I realized life was just as unpredictable as it was yesterday.

So in the last weekend here is the cliff notes:
first of all it must be stated that pms does not make any of this easier....
*one of the closest and longest friendships in my life ended in a four sentence dear john letter
*surgery dates were messed up by the hospital (it was just a mix up in comunication--wheew!)
*pipe busted, soaking the apartment......again!!! (and on Friday which meant it couldn't be repaired until today....my poor carpet)
and for the latest one, may I get a drum roll please...............
*the surgery I am leaving for in the morning, may be cancelled due to politics between the old and the new surgeons.

Geez it is ONLY brain surgery people!!! (sorry I like that joke)

Three letters keeping me from the surgery that might make a huge difference in my life:

Instead of saying I was discharged, the old surgical group added that they would see me as needed.


Is this for real?

I am perplexed?

Am I on Candid Camera or something?

Please tell me my health and wellbeing isn't being held on 3 letters. Please dear Lord, let me just be released from this life contract I must have signed with this surgeon that appears to make me his property for life. Breaking free from AOL is easier than this.......and that ain't easy.

Of all of these things going on at once, the friendship and the politics are the ones that come with daggers.....

Ahhhh......they must be the AFGOs.

Freakin AFGOs!!!

Anyhow, to end this saga... now I am waiting to see if the fax gets from Phoenix to New York before I am supposed to leave in the morning.

I am so grateful that I have strong roots in Christ. He is the only reason you will not hear about me on the news tonight about shots ringing from some bell tower somewhere.
I have inner knowledge that all things work for good, to those who serve him. Just hate the fact that I don't get a road map to see what lies ahead.

I know this is some kind of AFGO, but wow. I have no clue what that lesson is, except to expect the unexpected.

Hopefully my next update will be from NY.

Take care of you,


Abbie said...

Queli, thanks for stopping by...I've been found out! although that website link at the bottom of my email is a virtual map to finding me. Yikes!

Are you in NY this week, thought you were hanging out at the beach???

lace1070 said...

Queli ~ all I can say is hang in there sister ~ God is paying you a HUGE compliment by pulling the rug out from underneath you ~ AGAIN! What is it with surgeons and their #$%#$% egos when someone else wants to step in and do the job right?!? Serenity now! Seriously ~ keep my posted ~ I am praying for you and remembering that small, still voice that tells us that everything will happen in His perfect timing which is almost never the same as our perfect timing. Hugs to you ~ Lace