Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Did someone say I had brain surgery?

Cuz it doesn't feel like it. I feel great....cept those stiches in the back of my head. I feel a bit off balance, some nausea, and occasional pain. But in light of the surgery I had 2 weeks ago yesterday, I am doing great.
Actually better than great. How I feel now wasn't even on my craziest dreams list of after sugery outcome.
I ezpected pretty much the same as last time I had this surgery.
Unable to read.
Unable to stand.
Unable to walk.
In incredible pain.
Throwing up constantly.

But it is nothing like that.

My biggest complaint is boredom.

Recovering from brain surgery is boring.

Those that know me, know that the discharge instructions are completely unreasonable.

No working for 2-3 months....then part time work. Ok, that's fine. I haven't worked in several years anyhow......so that is no biggie. (but I am hoping that with this surgery, and the possible 2nd one I might need, this will change)

But saying I need to coll it on housework.

Kill me now, or give me a vaccuum.

Seriously, my body is tired, but my mind is racing with ideas.

Life seems to have more possibilites now. And I didn't expect that.

I secretly hoped that......but dismissed the thought, not wanting to be crushed with disappointment. And even worried about some of the hopes you all have expressed, not wanting you to set yourselves up for disappointment.

I knew there was a good chance that nothing would change.

But things have changed.

I don't know how much, or in what way.......because I am still dealing with recovery......... but believe me when I say with no proof, or example..........I know that the surgery was a success.

I can feel it.

So keep praying. But this time let your optimism talk freely in those prayers. Pray for the moon..........cuz this child of God apparently is being blessed yet again.

I'm so spoiled but at least I know it.

Take care of you,


lace1070 said...

I am doing my happy dance for you Queli! Since your mind is running at full tilt ~ write some, create some inventions, relax and enjoy your recovery! You are my inspiration to keep fighting the fight ~ I am getting closer ....

Abbie said...

Nice to see you up and around...after your surgery.
I'm elated you feel great the second time around.
Take your time, get plenty of rest.
See you soon.

BillyBob said...

we've been wondering how the surgery went. Glad to see you around. love bobby, the husband of a chiarian, sharon @ headsaga.