Thursday, October 4, 2007


Week 3
Ok, so I will start off reporting that I am doing well. Today was a good day as far as pain goes. Overall I feel that this surgery has had amazing results. Thank the Lord for blessings I couldn't have even imagined.
My one concern is the continuing fatigue. I guess for some reason, I felt that this would help lift some of the ongoing fatigue I have.
Perhaps it is still too early to tell though.
I have no clue.
Since things have gone so well this time, I really have nothing to compare it to.
Anyhow, I am bored.
I would do more, but I am exhausted.
I hope all are well out there.
Feel free to let me know what is going on with you all.


lace1070 said...

Sorry to hear that you are fatigued still ~ give it some time ~ gentle reminder: you did just have BRAIN SURGERY! I know the feeling with the mind is totally awake and feeling energetic and the body just wants to lay down and rest. Since you mind is restless ~ I am throwing a pajama/sleepover for my 6 year old daughter on Saturday ~ any ideas to keep them occupied?

Abbie said...

Saw you today, was going to say hi but got sidetracked.
You are looking good babe.