Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Letting the Zipper Accessorize

So I went with the boys Trick or Treating........well not so much, I only made it to the end of my street, and had to let them go on without me :P But I did get dressed up.
Getting a costume with no money and little time was actually easy......just drug out my old Pom-Pom outfit and shook the dust out of the poms. I look so young and innocent still in this outfit.

Although, I did find it much tighter than it was on the 16 year old who wore it before!
Sidenote: I know that those that know me with think it is funny I was a Pom Pom girl......perhaps this isn't the time to mention I was in a sorority in college! More on that another day.

The outfit was complete with pig tails and an axe.

Of course, I just had surgery six weeks ago, so an axe in the back of my head was a little more wieght than my neck could perhaps that has something to do with why I got tired so quickly.
But the real fun part of the night was that I ended up dressing up that one part I have been trying to find ways to hide.

Gotta find ways to might light of the Zipper! And here was a way to let it emphasize my cheap costume.
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. I know I did.


lzwitty said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed my head off at your costume! I definitely share your skewered sense of humor. You also took advantage of the one day to use your zipperhead as an accessory! Your photos made my day!
Leslie (9 weeks post decompression/fusion to C5,
5 months post tethered cord surgery)