Thursday, November 8, 2007


I keep getting emails, asking how the healing is going, so I thought I should update you all.

This healing thing stinks.
Luckily I know how bad it could hurt and this isn't anything like my first surgery.

It is physically and emotionally draining. I mentally feel so rearing to go.......but my body says no...........not yet.
And so do people in my life. But I think that most people think this is much bigger than it is.
If only they knew how not a big deal brain surgery is... (shhh Chiarians, I won't tell em, if you don't)
I guess if they knew it wasn't such a big deal, everyone would have their brain in the shop for detailing, and upgrades... I
t would be impossible to get an appointment with the docs when you need actual repair I did.
So I guess it is good that "they" think brain surgery is very serious.

Ok so I am in some pain, but in truth it isn't what you would expect. I have stopped taking all the pain meds including over-the-counter. The meds themselves cause more trouble than they are worth. The over-the-counter caused a bleeding ulcer, and the narcotics.........yuck! I won't even go into their side effects.

Since I am not taking any pain meds, I am aware of the struggle my body is going through to heal.

First of all, the brain itself does not hurt.
The journey the surgeons had to take to get there that is another story.
The muscles in my neck are not happy at all that I had brain surgery!!!!
Every so often, a repairing nerve stabs me, to let me know of its struggle to regrow. It feels like an intense focal headache.......but only last seconds.
And my sleep is difficult, since I know I will wake with a neck that is sore and out for vengance.
ON top of that, I have to deal with bad Chiari days..........which I still get (without as many headaches, yea!!!)
Some days are worse than others, but for the most part, I am just feeling the growing pains as these muscles and nerves rebuild and strengthen.
I think I am fairly on-track recovery wise. I have an appointment in NY next month to make sure, but so far so good.