Saturday, November 17, 2007


Ahhhhh, the sweet release of acceptance.

I finally accepted that the strand of hair left in the back would never reach the fullness, and length of the front.

For some reason I was thinking I was that doll that you could just slowly pull the hair, and it would magically grow or something.

Finally I went to my hairdresser, and let her cut my hair so it would match the back, and fill in the gap a little.

It's actually sorta cute.........but hard to get used to short hair again. Every time I pass a mirror, I do a double take, wondering who that bob cut is :)

No more hair issues.

Queli got her Acceptance Haircut.


lace1070 said...

Love the haircut ~ i used to wear my hair that length for years and i know after i get my zipperhead i will be doing the same thing!

lzwitty said...

Your haircut is adorable! I wish I had that much hair to work with but it looks like I'll be wearing my wig for a while--they really didn't hold back when they shaved my head for surgery. You look great!
Also, I appreciated your post about the head caving in being normal--I'm having the same issue and was wondering about it so I felt better after reading your post that Dr. B said it was normal.
Blessings to you and yours!