Monday, November 26, 2007

That Sinkin Feeling

So apparently my head is not caving in.

According to Dr B, it is normal for my head to have an indent at this point of recovery from surgery.

Seriously, Sat morning, I thought my head was caving in. The huge crater in the back of my head, was even a concern to my PCP.......but Dr B says it is just because the swelling in starting to go down.

He reminded me it has only been 10 weeks since surgery.

I can't believe that.

10 weeks seems like months ago.

I really am doing well for 10 weeks out.

For those of you awaiting surgery... I am here to tell you it isn't a big deal.....


I yell this because I have been down the other path and know how devastating it can be.

At this time after my first surgery, I still felt as miserable as the first day home.

It is nothing like that now.

I stand in awe at the guys at TCI.

Dr B and Da Boss are my new personal heroes.

On the ugly side of things, my Aspen CTO jacket was ordered this morning.

Not looking forward to having to wear it.

It looks uncomfortable, and dreadful. I am going to scare small children....that is if I ever leave the house.

And I don't think it is going to help my single status from changing any time soon ;)

......but on the other hand I can't wait.

I am hoping it will bring the relief that the traction brought.

I felt sharp, and so with it, I didn't even recognize me.

And perhaps it will relieve more symptoms, and keep my brain from further plummeting to my butt.

A girl can pray, can't she?

Which reminds me, I am going to send a name out to all you Christians, a new name hit my prayer board today, and I want to ask you all to lift her in prayer.

Her name is Dianne. God knows who she is, and what is going on......just hold her up in prayer please.

God is good. God is healing. And miracles so happen.

And miracles do happen.

Yes I meant to type it twice........