Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hair again! I think I had a small abscess on the scar, so now my hair is up in a bun to keep it off the scar. There was a small bubble towards the top filled with clear liquid, so now I am a bit freaked out to let my hair rest on it, or have extensions in.
Ofcourse this means Zipperhead Galore!
Obviously I have some pride issues.
I feel like such a goober!!!
But I will live.

I was worried at first about the bubble, because I had a leak before (which resulted in a pocket of fluid developing right outside the dura)......so my overactive imagination wondered if I had sprung another leak, and this time the cerebral spinal fluid found a way out.
I'm not worried anymore, because after I drained the fluid and bandaged it for a few days, no more fluid developed.....so it was most likely a small irritated section.

I am going to my wonderful friend who does my hair on Thursday to look into haircuts for when I trust my hair to come out of a bun again. I am thinking this will be a good way to remind myself that this is temporary.

I do love that I am worried about my hair.
That is truly a luxury in the scope of things.
This time after my first surgery, I wasn't cognitive enough to be concerned about my appearance.
I was just happy when I was upright in a chair without getting sick.

Praise God! This is nothing. I am concerned about trivial stuff ;)

Pray for me to make peace with the Zipper!