Friday, December 21, 2007

A New Season has Arrived

(ADD-ON at the end)
First of all, I am in Ariona until the 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had to get that out.

Ok, now that I have shared my excitement, it is time to share the rest of the story.
Not really, no story to tell. As you know, I have been wearing the space suit for a few weeks now. Not as often as I am supposed to, but I'm dragging in around with me, so that counts. Right?!
It is exhausting, so even though I know some of you gasped at the thought of not following doctors orders to the exact calculation.......I am trying.
I think it is too telling that there is something wrong.
Not just to others around me who notice......yeah oddly they do........but also to me.
I like to forget that I have surgeries waiting for me at the end of that flight back east.
Besides, I decided I am on vacation, so I left Chiari at home.

Wouldn't that be awesome?
If heaven has comment cards, I would suggest that we all get to take a week or so off each year from all our ailments and inflictions.
Ahhhh sweet relief that would be.
Where's you cast?
Oh I'm on vacation.
Aren't you going to dialisis?
Oh, no. I don't have to. I am on vacation.
Oh wow, your acne is must be on vacation.

Ofcourse I am not truly comparing Chiari to any of these things.......'specially acne.....but truly it is quite a blimish in what us Chiarians call life.
It is there. It can be noticable. And we look for that perfect ointment to make it disappear ointment that doesn't exist.
(Note: not for acne either.......sorry)

Anyhow, I disgress.
I am here in the land I love, doing what I do best: write.
Edit actually.
I am on chapter three working on the hundredth or so edit of my book.
It really is coming to a close.

I thought I would never feel that this book would be complete, but as I flip through each page scowering the lines for areas of improvement, I am realizing my baby is done grown!
How exciting!
Once I am done, it will be time to update my query letters to find an agent.
Yes, an agent.
Q is right-brained.....she needs help when it comes to contracts and book deals.
And there are plenty of experienced people, who love to do that sort of stuff.

A new leaf is turning, and I see an outline of what lies ahead.
And guess what?
It's alright.
There is an even mixture of glass and marble, so it's all good.
God is good!
For today, I know that I can do this.

Merry Christmas my friends!

ADD-ON: I just realized that I never told you all what was specifically going on.
The huge indent in the back of my head went the other way. Now I have a large pseudomenningocele (fancy way of saying pocket of spinal fluid somewhere it ain't supposed to be) bulging out the back of my head.
I spoke to my surgeon last week, and he says I have Increased CSF Pressure and frozen ventricles. What does this mean? Who knows....I'm not a brain surgeon. But I do know what he says it amounts to: I need the shunt again.
Keep me in your prayers. I didn't have a good experience with the shunt the first time.
This time I have a wonderful surgeon who cares that the other shunt caused me so much pain. He wants to do everything he can to make this a better experience.
Yes, I'm disaapointed.
But I'm also amazingly okay with it. I knew something was going on for over a month now....Now I just know what it is and what has to be done.
AND God gave me some time in Phoenix to refresh before facing the next bout.
This is merely a bump in the road (or in the back of my head; however you want to see it)
Pray for good results!