Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just Did It

So it's almost Wed and I forgot to update you all on the MSWalk.
I did it!
And I have been sleeping a WHOLE LOT since! =) (those with Chiari understand I am sure)

I got in the wheelchair three times, however, I did walk somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 of the walk, which was a lot more than I thought I would when I woke up to rain.
My body ached even before I left the house, and I began to wonder if it was a good idea. I'm so glad that I didn't back out, because it was an awesome time.

I enjoyed the walk in the rain. That is something I haven't done in a while, but found peaceful. Not to mention it kept us cool (last year it was hot during the walk)

The only part was that last hill.

Ok so people that were there might be thinking "What hill?"

Believe me, there's a hill.

The very last stretch is on this slight incline...a slight incline that almost did me and my fresh scarred bac in. I was praying all the way up that I could walk it, and not collapse in front of the young cheersquad waving us in.

And what is that about anyhow, having middle school dance group at the end to remind all of us 30 somethings and above just how much energy has left our souls in the last 20 years as we clutch our chests, and try to act as if we are breathing normal as we hit the finish line full of bouncy, full of life, enthusiastic teens.

So anyhow, the event has passed in this neck of the woods, and I read somewhere that MS Society is about halfway to their goal of raising 1.5 million this year, which is awesome.

We really need to do something like this to raise $$ for Chiari research...

Take care of you,