Monday, April 28, 2008

Travelin Thru Goes Idol

I have to comment on the recent performance by Jason singing this blog’s theme song on AI. First of all, before I begin, let me explain something.
I am not currently a judge on American Idol, nor am I dating Simon (although what follows might make you think one is true) For me voice is the most beautiful powerful God given instrument (or deprived in my case)
Which is why I love American Idol!
Honestly I just found out recently from my brother that not everyone loved voice.
I am shocked, and hoping one of you out there will tell me it is not true.

That being said, I was psyched when Dolly was featured and hoped that someone would pick this awesome award-winning song (which from what I heard, it only took minutes to write)
Then Jason took the stage.
And disappointment followed.
The song was blah, and it was sung without feeling. As you read listen to Dolly singing this same song in the background. The lyrics are about facing trials and tribulations, the AFGOs, the uncertainties, all within the excitement of continuing forward (all of which I can wholeheartedly relate to). The tone it is sung in is important at conveying this message.....and I don't think Jason got it.
I love Jason, but find his presence particularly odd at this stage of the competition.
He is more talented than me; which isn’t saying much as those unfortunate souls who have sat beside me during church can tell you.
However…….. he doesn’t hold water to some of the recent cast-offs. Yet confusingly he seems to get credit even when it is not due. He’s got a lot of support from the judges, but for some reason I think it is his beauty (inside and out) and not talent that they love.

Anyhow, my attack on Jason is not personal. I do think he is an amazing guy with a great voice…..just not so great that he should still be in at this point. Watch, now that I said that, a year from now he’ll be the only one with a number one song on the charts!

My American Idol prediction is a final battle between the Davids with Cook coming out on top.