Monday, June 2, 2008


Been a while. I have been exhausted by physical therapy!
They have brought something very positive into my life called TENS. I love it.
I shock those muscles into submission! It's great. Although it doesn't take away all the pain, it does make a good dent in it.
Had a horrible flare up last week where every muscle in my body hurt. Heck even the ones that control things like breathing.
But it is over I just feel tired, and am recovering well.
Just in time too. Have an extra kid this week, and might watch a friend's little one for a few weeks starting next week.

Kids, kids everyone, yet none to call my own.

What is crazy is the timing!
What is with God bringing me all these babies?
You don't think this is His way of saying "No Queli you aren't going to have any of your own kids, but I will provide you with plenty of other people's kids", do you?!!!

After having my 2 yr old nephew overnight several days last week, I am thinking that not being a mother, might not be a horrible thing. (I am kidding of course!)
To his defense, he was sick...(They didn't want Erin to catch his fever in her first week out of the womb).
And to my defense, it is hard taking full time care of a kid you only see a couple hours a week. There is a lot I didn't know about him.
And by the time we started figuring out each other's language, and how each did things; he was feeling better and able to go home.

Anyhow, although we all enjoyed having him, I was exhausted by the time he left.
Yet I still do want one of my own even more now.

Which drew me to one conclusion........those of you with multiple kids must be slightly insane.
To have that's just curiosity. But to do it again when you know all the work that goes into it. Now that is just plain nuts.
Can't wait to do it myself!