Sunday, September 9, 2007

Zipperhead Eve (again)

Today was awesome. I spent the day with Jen, in NYC just hanging out. We did do a tour at a museum called Ground Zero Museum Workshop. It was amazing. So amazing in fact, that I am updating my recommendation list, and making visiting this museum number one for visitors to NYC.

The museum features photographs and artifacts from the recovery efforts at Ground Zero following the events of September 11th. Gary Marlon Suson's artistic eye, catches the emotions, hopes, trials, and mood in every piece laid out in that small studio. Each comes with a full audio description of what was going on during each shot. We were lucky to have Gary as our tour guide, and were able to ask him questions during the tour. He impressed me, even more than his work. Point being: the details that have been put in this place, make this hour and a half event, well worth every penny you pay.

I do want to tell you about this one picture in particular. It struck me deeply with all that lays before me in the next coming weeks. The piece is called Ground Zero Bible Page. Right when Gary felt he couldn't take anymore at Ground Zero, he stumbled across a page from the Bible amidst the rubble. Which page, you ask? Good question. It was Gen. 11, entitled Towers of Babylon. Anyhow, how do I relate? mmmmm. Back to Velveteen Rabbit.
The picture encompasses both dark and light; destruction and resilience; the beginning in an end...

If you have read all of my posts, you have no doubt, a strong understanding why these contrasts would identify with my own struggles these last few months. If you haven't read my blog....then do it. lol.......ok, wrapping it up.......It reminds me of Gods hand on us even in our darkest moments... how he has used every aspect of this Chiari thing to teach me, and cause growth that couldn't have come any other way.

The light in what I thought was the end......Christ has let me be aware of his presence throughout this all.
And today was a good day to remember this.


Tomorrow morning at 5:30 am, I am reporting to the hospital for the test, and then surgery. I just finished my DDP (diet doctor pepper) Marathon that lasted up to the very minute I had to stop drinking prior to surgery.

How come you get so thirsty once someone says you can't have anything to drink?
Am I the only one who has to eat/drink up to the last second, as if all food and water ceases to exist after midnight?

Here the rule is 11pm. Uhhhggg! And if you know me, I follow the rules whenever possible. So I stopped at 10:55, just in case that extra 5 minutes could help in any way.
Anyhow, tonight (and for the last few days) I don't feel nervous.

Weird huh? Not if you know my Lord. There is no reason for me to go into this afraid. To live is to die, to die is Christ........right!! I am happy with my life, and don't feel I have to cling to it. Although, I know that all will go without a hitch.....I also know that God gives me strength through trials as well.

There is no doubt in my mind that whatever happens tomorrow is in God's hands.
I will talk to you all again when I can type again. Until then, Jen will be posting, and will also retrieve email from my normal email account.
Take care of you and "see" you soon,


lace1070 said...

You are feeling the peace that passes all understanding ~ it just is ~ the hand of God on our shoulder ~ the band of angels that surround us. When he is present ~ we feel it! Will be keeping you in my prayers, sister ~ Lace